QbDVision Opens New EU HQ in Cork, Ireland

Cork Ireland QbDVision Office Announcement

Innovative organizations across the industry are discovering what modern, data-centric CMC solutions can do for their drug development cycles. Perhaps nowhere more so than in the EU’s thriving community of pharma and biotech companies.

“When we looked at our growth strategy for the coming years,” says our CEO Yash Sabharwal, “bringing our team closer to our users was one of our most critical goals.”

“And we could immediately see where that would take our team.”

With a surging QbDVision user base, thriving biopharma market, and growing interest in cutting-edge CMC solutions, the EU was a natural choice for our expanding global team. And now, our first regional office has opened its doors in one of the EU’s most vibrant life sciences hubs: Cork, Ireland.

“When we looked at our growth strategy for the coming years, bringing our team and users closer together was one of our most critical goals. The EU – and Ireland in particular – was clearly where we could do that most impactfully.”

QbDVision EU: Closer to our customer and a step toward the future of CMC

“In many ways,” Yash notes, “EU drug developers have really become the standard bearers for the Digital CMC movement.”

“They’re embracing new technological solutions to legacy challenges, like fragmented, unit-op level workflows, document-centric processes, and unstructured data repositories. So many EU life science organizations are pushing themselves to become data-first drug developers, to modernize the way they pursue their CMC deliverables.”

“And that has made them natural, eager partners for QbDVision.”

And like us, many of those same organizations have found rich scientific and technological soils on the banks of the River Lee. 

“Globally operating pharma and biotech organizations have been drawn to Ireland for years now, and for many good reasons,” says Ray O’Connor, Head of Regional Development, IDA Ireland. “Cork is definitely one of them.”

“Cork is a premier, internationally renowned center of excellence for Biopharmaceutical manufacturing, R&D and technological innovation.”

With its globally renowned research university, easy access to a major global market, and growing pool of life science talent, Cork has helped anchor Ireland’s thriving life sciences industry for years now. That’s drawn dozens of innovative organizations from around the world – many of them QbDVision power users. 

“Cork is a premier, internationally renowned center of excellence for Biopharmaceutical manufacturing, R&D and technological innovation,” adds Ray O’Connor. “Organizations like QbDVision are a perfect fit for this business ecosystem, and we’re excited to welcome them into it.”

Extending our global reach, enhancing our support for users

While QbDVision has been a remote-first team since Day 1, it still made perfect sense to establish a regional hub – not only closer to a growing user community, but also within the unique regulatory framework of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

“Our EU customers are working through many of the same complex issues facing organizations across the industry,” Sana Ahmed points out, “And doing so with an eye first on the EMA, and then also on the FDA and other regulatory authorities. This level of regulatory oversight presents a unique sequence of quality and compliance related challenges for pharma and biotech to navigate, which becomes evident during CMC related activities across the product life cycle.”

“But with both deep regulatory experience and dedicated resources in the EU, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver solutions and support across that entire regulatory pathway.”

That, Yash adds, is a big step in our strategic vision for accelerating the transformation of CMC programs across the EU – a process that’s already well underway and building momentum by the day.

“Everything in the EU life science market is pointing in the right direction,” says Yash. “The product pipeline is there, the urgency is there, the passion for Digital CMC is there. And now, we’re there – with a team that’s ready to deliver, full of potential, and already growing fast.”

“All we need now,” Yash adds, “is a direct flight from Austin to Dublin.”


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