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Board Director Paxton Major: Why New Bio-Innovations Demand Digital CMC

Board Director Paxton Major: Why New Bio-Innovations Demand Digital CMC

See why he thinks now is the time for the industry to level up its approach to process development – and why solutions like QbDVision will play a critical role.

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QbDVision joins ALDA community

QbDVision brings its unique perspective on digital transformation to the ALDA community

Our QbDVision team is proud to announce that we’ve joined the Analytical, Life Science & Diagnostics Association (ALDA), a leading non-profit industry trade association.

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Leading mRNA CDMO Vernal Biosciences Adds QbDVision

mRNA CDMO Vernal Biosciences Adopts QbDVision

An emerging leader in mRNA biomanufacturing, Vernal Biosciences has officially added our product to their uniquely digital-first platform. Find out how QbDVision is accelerating their innovation.

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QbDVision Unifies Branding, Sunsets CherryCircle Software

We’re officially QbDVision: One brand, same team, same mission

It’s official: We’re all-in on QbDVision. Find out why we’ve decided to retire CherryCircle Software and move forward as one brand and team, united behind one mission: advancing QbDVision and a new era of DigitalCMC.

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HipHop Digital Leverage for CMC Operations

New Release: Driving Digital Leverage for CMC Operations

We are excited to announce the new validated release of the QbDVision platform. Check out the new robust capabilities for product and process management.

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QbDVision Series A

QbDVision® lands $15MM Series A to advance Digital CMC

Our team is thrilled to announce that we’ve raised a major new round: a $15 million Series A. The Series A funding will accelerate the development of both our flagship product, QbDVision, and our broader mission to shape the digital future of life science manufacturing.

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Austin Chamber of Commerce Award - 2021

CherryCircle Named One of Austin’s ‘Most Innovative’ Startups in 2021

We are proud to announce that the Austin Chamber of Commerce has recognized us as one of the city’s most innovative companies thanks to our work helping pharma companies bring drugs to the market faster.

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Grunge Software Release

New Release: Digital CMC™ – A New Genre of Software

We see the growing desire to deploy digital technologies in the search for CMC Nirvana.

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Compliance Architects and QbDVision Partnership

Compliance Architects® Identifies QbDVision as Best-In-Class Platform to Drive Structural Compliance in Drug Development

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Compliance Architects (CA) to combine the power of our QbDVision Digital CMC™ software platform with CA’s deep experience in quality and regulatory compliance. Together, we plan to accelerate the development of robust manufacturing processes for pharma and biotech products.

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