Lifecycle Approaches for Robust Control Strategies

Take an in-depth look at how new data science methodologies are putting CMC processes on the path to predictive, adaptive, real-time capabilities.

Session highlights & insights

Where new data science methods have the potential to transformatively mature drug manufacturing processes.

Why digitizing process control strategies will be a critical step in maximizing the efficiency of the drug development cycle.
How digital twins are now being used to model, simulate, and test processes in an efficient, repeatable, zero-loss way.
Why unlocking the full potential of these trends will require new tools to integrate, link, and contextualize data from across the product lifecycle.

Session Speakers

Meet the group transformation experts who share their insights and expertise in this on-demand session.

Christoph Herwig Headshot

Dr. Christoph Herwig

Professor, Vienna University of Technology

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Taking drug development to a new level of digital precision and predictability

Across the industry, CMC leaders continue to struggle with a range of critical goals – reducing time-to-market, streamlining tech transfers, minimizing batch failures, and more – that can only be achieved through transformative maturation of the drug manufacturing process. Data science experts like Dr. Christoph Herwig are leading the effort to help drug developers achieve that evolution.

He and his fellow researchers are focused on laying the groundwork for the shift from tightly controlled methods and reactively tested outputs to agile, flexible, continuously adaptive processes. The key to that transition: powerful, responsive, multi-dimensional control strategies that synthesize data from across the product lifecycle.

A leading innovator in data science applications for bioprocess designs, Dr. Herwig took 2022 Summit attendees on a deep-dive tour of how new digital modeling methods are shaping the next generation of drug manufacturing processes. In his keynote presentation, he shared in-depth scientific insights on:

  • The development and deployment of digital twins, and how they can lay the foundation for continuous bioprocessing.
  • How a holistic lifecycle approach to these models can help maximize consistency and quality across development stages and unit operations
  • Why drug developers need to set new data management and architecture standards to fully unlock the industry-wide potential of these innovations
  • A new model workflow for developing and implementing robust, end-to-end control strategies that can help CMC leaders achieve their performance goals


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