Accelerating MES Implementation

Discover how Digital CMC solutions can help streamline the transition to commercial manufacturing systems.

Session highlights & insights

Why process developers and manufacturers require fundamentally different tools to manage work and achieve their goals.

Common handoff challenges created by legacy CMC methods – and how the right solutions can mitigate them.

Why standardizing data structures and taxonomies during process development pays off in the transition to an MES.

How a digital CMC platform can help bridge new products from process development to MES implementation.

Session Speakers

Meet the group transformation experts who share their insights and expertise in this on-demand session.

Michael Cody Headshot

Michael Cody

Director of Digital & Clinical Manufacturing, Zaether

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Adam Cormack Headshot

Adam Cormack

Director of Product Management,

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Michalle Adkins Headshot
Michalle Adkins
Life Science Consulting Director, Emerson Automation Solutions
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Sachin Misra Headshot
Sachin Misra

 Principal & Global Lead, Kalypso

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Creating a frictionless transition from CMC to MES implementation

All too often, the sponsor-manufacturer handoff invokes a daunting, time-consuming hurdle at the commercial finish line for new drug products. For drug developers and CDMOs alike, planning, managing, and executing a tech transfer can be a painful and protracted process with a jaw-clenching margin for error. 

For too long, both sides have struggled with a legacy disconnect between their technological frameworks: CMC programs reliant on MS Office documents and PDFs, and manufacturers focused on highly structured MES systems designed for execution. But now, a new generation of CMC technologies has the potential to bridge this divide.

So what can these new CMC technologies do to help streamline the transition from process development workflows to the manufacturing floor? 

At the 2022 Digital CMC Summit, a group of life science manufacturing leaders came together to discuss just that. Together they shared a range of insights on how new solutions can help connect experiment-driven, development-focused CMC workflows with robustly structured manufacturing systems optimized for one thing: consistent, on-spec production.

Stream this in-depth session to learn how the evolving interface between CMC and MES platforms can help: 

  • Reduce repetitive, error-prone data transition tasks that increase the  margin for error in most tech transfers
  • Provide a “transition layer” between CMC and manufacturing where process developers can organize and structure their scientific outputs for their manufacturing partners 
  • Create a feedback loop between process development and manufacturing that sharpens decision-making by both sponsor and CDMO


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