Weaving the digital fabric of CMC

Discover how modern drug developers are turning scattered threads of knowledge into powerful data frameworks.


Knowledge dispersion is a life science industry crisis

As scientific innovations storm the global pipeline, siloed teams, unstructured knowledge, and fragmented tech stacks continue to hold back CMC productivity and slow the arrival of new therapeutic breakthroughs. 


of manufacturing data is unutilized

Over 50%

of scientist and development professional’s time wasted chasing information

28 Months

for average tech transfer

With molecular science racing ahead, now is the time for CMC leaders to create the integrated team structures they need to fully unlock the potential of today’s pipeline. Centralizing processes and decentralizing information ownership can help teams to produce and share knowledge without creating disparate threads of information that get lost or left behind.

Join us as we dive into how a comprehensive and unified digital CMC platform is the key to driving business success and patient outcomes.

Explore the 4 key components of Digital CMC

See what you need to connect every thread of knowledge and information in your program, and unite them in a single, comprehensive view of your product’s development and market life cycle.

Digital Process Development

Modernized methods for creating robust, data-driven processes

Digital Resource Management

Tools for maximizing visibility into suppliers, materials, and more

Digital Control Strategy

Frameworks for dynamically managing process and quality risks

Digital Tech Transfer

Integrated data structures that streamline key life cycle transitions


Discover how unified knowledge infrastructure can transform CMC performance

Discover what innovative solutions are already purpose-built to integrate every form of CMC data – process, resource, risk, and more – and weave them into layers of insight that enhance four critical areas of your organization:



All too often, crucial insights stay hidden in operational units. Discover how to gain full visibility into your data.



Siloed teams slow critical workflows and trap important knowledge. See how an integrated workspace can unlock true synergy.


Speed & Agility

Our whole industry is under pressure to accelerate. Learn how our platform can help streamline key steps like tech transfer.



Regulators are already demanding CMC submissions in modern data structures. Find out how digital CMC will keep you ahead of the curve.


Meet our expert presenters

Yash Sabharwal, PhD

Co-founder, President & CEO, QbDVision

Yash is an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur, and executive specializing in the funding and growth of early-stage technology companies focused on life science applications. He has started three companies and successfully exited his last two, bringing a wealth of strategic and tactical experience to the QbDVision team.


Luke Guerrero

COO, QbDVision

A veteran technologist and company leader with a global CV, Luke currently oversees the core business operations across QbDVision and its teams. Before joining our organization, he developed, grew, and led key practices for international agency Brand Networks, and spent six years deploying technology and business strategies for PricewaterhouseCoopers’ CIO Advisory consulting unit.


Weaving the digital fabric of CMC