We’re officially QbDVision: One brand, same team, same mission

QbDVision Unifies Branding, Sunsets CherryCircle Software

Just a few weeks ago, we had the incredible pleasure of announcing that we had closed a new Series A financing round for QbDVision: a $15MM raise that will accelerate our product’s development, supercharge our growth, and take our team to a whole new level of performance. 

It’s been an incredible journey to this achievement. Just five years ago, our founders came together to start a company – CherryCircle Software – in order to develop and launch QbDVision. The CCS team always believed in the success this innovative software would deliver. And now, we’re delighted to say that QbDVision’s trajectory is taking off. 

So far, and so fast, in fact, that it has already left the name CherryCircle Software far behind. While our team has done incredible work as CherryCircle Software, it’s QbDVision that has built traction and trust. And now that we’re making big decisions about where the future will take us, we’ve decided that that future is QbDVision. 

Our product has always been our focus. Moving forward, it will also be our company identity.

To reach our goals, we had to rethink our brand.

During the raise process, intense focus on our business confirmed what we knew: after 5 years, 8 validated releases, and dozens of customer projects, QbDVision had outgrown the brand that launched it. 

In 2017, our CEO, Yash Sabharwal, and CTO, Ryan Shillington, started a company with a clear vision: to bring long-overdue digital sophistication to drug manufacturing. This new company was called CherryCircle Software (CCS). Their first product – QbDVision – was a purpose-built digital workspace for chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) teams using Quality by Design (QbD) as the framework. The plan was to bring much-needed digital maturity to some of the most specialized workflows in the drug development process.

But then, QbDVision became more than a product. It became a movement – an industry-wide shift from yesterday’s inefficient, document-centric processes to structured, centralized, data-driven “Digital CMC.” A gap in the market has been identified: CMC information must be digitized.

More and more life sciences companies and outsourcing partners are discovering that CMC software is an essential tool for twenty-first century drug manufacturers. Transformation isn’t on the horizon for our customers. It’s here, and it’s picking up speed.

This shift isn’t just happening; it’s accelerating. More and more life sciences companies and outsourcing partners are discovering that CMC software is an essential tool for twenty-first century drug manufacturers. Transformation isn’t on the horizon for our customers. It’s here, and it’s picking up speed.

QbDVision is taking off with it. Adoption is accelerating across the industry – for a wide spectrum of development programs, in companies of every size. 

At the same time, it became clear that driving that success would require nothing less than our full focus. So, it’s time for us to embrace our future and become 100% the brand that’s taking us there.

We’ve decided to own our future as QbDVision.

We’re proud to say that we’ve created a product that has earned an incredible amount of trust and recognition across the pharma and biotech community – and it’s only getting started.

We’ve decided to lean into that success. Our company is officially becoming QbDVision. One brand, same team, same goal of advancing Digital CMC into a modern, structured, data-powered approach to process development which helps organizations swiftly and efficiently deliver the next generation of breakthrough therapies.

As proud as we are of all that we’ve done as CCS, it’s time for us to focus on the work we want to do as QbDVision. We’re retiring the CCS name and moving forward as the brand our customers know, love, and rely on – and that our investors believe in.

Evolving our brand identity is a big decision. Here’s why we’re going all in on QbDVision:

  • It has earned trust. Our platform has become the foundation of various projects that are pushing the boundaries of therapeutic innovation (Small Molecules, Biologics, mRNA, etc.). Our customers use QbDVision every single day, not CCS.
  • It’s simpler for customers. One product, one partner. That’s how easy we want it to be to use our products.
  • It’s the future. Digital CMC will make a major impact on the next generation of biopharma innovation. We want to focus on maximizing that impact.

In many critical ways, though, this transition isn’t a change. All the entrepreneurial spirit, market knowledge, and technical innovation that fueled CCS will still be at the heart of QbDVision – as it always has been. Yash, Ryan, and our whole team are excited to start this next chapter together and to welcome many new teammates in the near future.

So that’s our answer to the big question facing us. But we’re pretty sure you have a few others of your own. Let’s have a look.

What’s the timing on the shift to using the QbDVision name?

It’s already complete. We are saying farewell to the CCS name on our business cards, email signatures, LinkedIn profiles, and legal documents, and are officially operating as one integrated brand.

Is anything changing for my project and workflows?

Nope. The best part about this big transition: it won’t feel like one. In all the ways that matter most to you, nothing is changing.

Are you still planning new QbDVision products in the future?

At some point, we definitely plan to explore scaling the digital QbDVision framework to new use cases in the life sciences and medtech areas. But for now, our focus will be fully on maximizing the functionality of QbDVision, expanding the potential of Digital CMC, and driving continued commercial growth in our core market.

Will there be any changes to your billing or payment processes?

No, billing and payments will not be affected by this transition. You’ll just see QbDVision on your invoice from now on. If you have any questions about your account, billing, or payments, reach out to us at any time.

What was “Cherry Circle”, anyway?

The inspiration behind our original company brand is a lovely East Austin suburb where our founders first dreamed up a digital future for drug manufacturing.

But for us, it’s now part of a very important period in our company’s history – one that proved to be essential to our current and continuing success. From here, all eyes are on QbDVision. We hope you’ll join us in seeing what’s next!

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