QbDVision joins BioPhorum to support development of a digital technology roadmap for biotech

Up and down its value chain, the biopharma industry is getting serious about not just doing digital, but being digital. In just a few years, that goal has gone from a long-term vision to what the experts at Deloitte now describe as “a new competitive imperative.”

In a complex industry like ours, successfully navigating this kind of business transformation takes intensive, dedicated, multidisciplinary collaboration. Few organizations foster that effort more effectively than BioPhorum: a one-of-a-kind group, dedicated to creating an environment where industry leaders and experts can work together to accelerate innovative solutions to biotech’s biggest challenges.

Over the last 15 years, their efforts have harnessed the expertise of over 135 leading manufacturers and suppliers, and generated hundreds of new ideas, best practices, and consensus commitments. We’re now proud to announce that BioPhorum has added our QbDVision team to this world-class interdisciplinary collaborative.

Joining the effort to define biopharma’s digital future

With technological innovation accelerating across our industry, we’re thrilled to be part of a concerted, interdisciplinary effort to accelerate this evolution, direct its focus, and establish its goals. 

BioPhorum is the perfect platform to do that work. They’ve already assembled an unrivaled cross-functional community to focus on advancing a total of nine different industry domains. Our team has joined their Technology Roadmapping “Phorum”, alongside a distinguished group of biomanufacturers, supply partners, analytical instrument providers, engineering partners, software companies, and innovation hubs. Together, we’ll be focused on building a consensus strategy to accelerate innovation and development of future drug manufacturing processes. 

The collaboration track is already evaluating technological and business cases for a wide range of solutions, including plug-and-play hardware, smaller buffer preparation footprints, standardized facility designs, and now, digitalizing chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC). Most excitingly, our working group is already preparing to publish Part One of a new digital roadmap for drug manufacturing, with Part Two due before the end of the year. 

With that much momentum already built, we’re excited to roll up our sleeves and partner with fellow IT innovators to define the standards, frameworks, and pathways that will shape the next generation of biopharma IT infrastructure. Our team will bring a unique perspective and skillset to the collaboration, adding our specific expertise in digital CMC to the group’s broad overview of our industry’s tech stack.

Identifying new opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration

While our initial focus will be technology roadmaps, we’re looking forward to exploring many more opportunities for collaboration at BioPhorum. We’re excited to help build consensus around our industry’s path to digital transformation, but also to help expand today’s fast-growing intersection of scientific, medical, and digital innovation.

In addition to our technology track, BioPhorum also sponsors working groups focused on a wide range of key industry trends and topics, including drug development, cell and gene therapies, and regulatory affairs. Technological innovation is poised to impact every one of these domains, with the potential to unlock substantial value in the form of operational efficiencies, effective data activation, streamlined review and approval processes, and more. Ultimately, an effective digital transformation pathway must ensure that benefits like these can flow to the whole value chain – a goal that will only be achieved with skills, insights, and perspectives from across the Phorums.

But first, we’ll be there to help our fellow collaborators lay the groundwork for a technology strategy that paves the way to consistent, accelerated success for drug developers. Transformation is happening and we’re ready to help build the momentum!

Learn more about our team of digital innovators

As we look ahead to our initial engagements with BioPhorum, we’re excited to be the first organization to add dedicated Digital CMC expertise to the collaboration.

With our QbDVision team pulling up a chair, we can start to map the entire technology ecosystem of drug development from discovery to commercialization – now with the crucial bridge of digital process development. A truly comprehensive path to transformation is ahead of us. We’re looking forward to mapping it!

Want to learn more about our team, product, or vision for #DigitalCMC? Reach out any time to start the discussion.