QbDVision brings its unique perspective on digital transformation to the ALDA community

QbDVision joins ALDA community

QbDVision is one of the exciting players in the new digital ecosystem coming together to drive transformation and operational efficiency for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing. As the leading Digital CMC solution in the market today, the QbDVision team brings its unique perspective on structured data management and contextualization accelerating the shift away from document-centric approaches to data-centric solutions.

As our growth ramps up, it’s been deeply rewarding to see how widely and warmly our QbDVision team has been welcomed by both new customers and our peers across the pharma and biotech community. We’ve recently had the privilege to join several of our industry’s leading societies and associations – and we’re proud to count among them the Analytical, Life Science & Diagnostics Association (ALDA).

One of our industry’s leading non-profit trade associations, ALDA is a community of global companies that develop and market products and services for a wide range of sectors – including life science research, drug discovery, and QA/QC. I’ve always found great value in their meetings and publications, which bring together some of the brightest and most talented minds in our field. We are honored to be the first members focused on advancing the digitization of chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) – a vital but technologically under-resourced step in process development for new drug products.

I’m excited to join our fellow ALDA members in exploring new ways we can bring modern digital sophistication to this core function of the life science industry.

Sharing visions for the fast-changing biomanufacturing landscape

The world of pharma and biotech is evolving rapidly, perhaps faster than ever, with new therapeutic modalities, development methods, and regulatory frameworks coming online constantly. In a time like this, it’s more important than ever for our leaders and innovators to share ideas, discuss new trends, and think through challenges together. ALDA creates exceptional opportunities to do so.

In joining ALDA, our QbDVision team will be keeping company with an extraordinary roster. The ALDA community includes organizations of every size, as well as analytical and life science members who account for more than 70 percent of the industry’s global revenues. It’s exactly the kind of collective mindshare we need to navigate our industry’s continuing transition to a new generation of scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs, and a new generation of digital solutions to support these breakthroughs.

On a personal note, I’ve always had a deep respect for ALDA, their membership, and their continuing efforts to make top-tier analyses and market research data available to member companies. They’ve always created unrivaled access to one of the most valued resources for any industry leader: the experience, insights, and guidance of their peers. It’s a great pleasure for QbDVision to officially become a member.

Up next: the ALDA 2022 Spring Senior Executive Conferences

With our membership newly minted, our leadership team is already looking forward to taking a seat at the next ALDA event. We are heading to Boston for the semi-annual meeting of fellow C-suite executives, presidents, and their senior teams.

The focus of this conference couldn’t be more timely. Cell and gene therapies are poised to reshape the drug development landscape – not just with an array of new substance classes and therapeutic modalities, but also with a host of exponentially more complex manufacturing demands. Our industry is facing an array of challenging questions: How do we produce the novel material these new therapies demand? What processes are required? And how quickly can we de-risk them? I’m looking forward to digging into these questions with ALDA’s luminary group of attendees.

Will you or your team be attending as well? We’d love to connect in Boston! Reach out below to tell us about your company, project, and what you’d like to know about Digital CMC.