CherryCircle Software Releases QbDVision for Pharmaceutical Process Development and Manufacturing

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CherryCircle Software, Inc., a software company developing novel solutions for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, announced the Americana release of its QbDVision process and knowledge management software. “For too long, the pharmaceutical industry has lacked an integrated knowledge management solution for its process development activities,” said Yash Sabharwal, President & CEO. “The use of multiple, poorly integrated software tools for knowledge management has hampered risk-based process development and compromised data integrity.”

QbDVision is a unique, cloud-based software solution developed by industry veterans for managing the evolution of process development from IND-enabling studies to NDA submission. Specifically tailored to the pharmaceutical industry, this software solution enables the Pharma 4.0 framework by integrating requirements management, data management, process design and development, and risk management within a single, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment. “As manufacturing processes become increasingly complex, novel visualization tools beyond two-dimensional tables are required to easily interpret data in multiple dimensions. Our software is unique in its ability to provide the user with these visualization tools,” added Dr. Sabharwal. Separate spreadsheet, document preparation, and project management products to manage this process development over the long product life cycle of drug products is no longer possible. QbDVision provides the infrastructure and tools to enable true process understanding and control of complex manufacturing processes which are essential to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the highest quality.

CherryCircle Software has built QbDVision on the Amazon Web Services platform using a serverless architecture designed for rapid development, enhanced security, and minimal IT burden for client companies. Furthermore, the extensive use of automated testing tools allows for robust testing and validation of the software solution further minimizing the resources required by the client to maintain the validated state.

About CherryCircle Software, Inc.

CherryCircle Software, Inc. and the QbDVision project were started by two serial entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality experts. Our mission is to build cloud-based software solutions using the latest technologies for the simple application of quality-by-design principles to the development of therapeutics and medical devices. This approach reduces both development time and the risk of encountering a systemic failure later in the development life cycle. For more information about the Company, visit our website.

CherryCircle Media Contact
Kevin Schifrin
Chief Business Development Officer