Digital Transformation of CMC: The Process is Already Underway

The data-driven future of drug development is taking shape. Yash Sabharwal shares how smart CMC programs are preparing for it.

Session highlights & insights

How surging volumes of drug development data are exposing the limits of CMC’s traditional, MS Office-centric tech stack.
How the transition to digital CMC promises to help drug developers dramatically improve data management, integrity, and utilization.
Why adopting structured data frameworks is a critical first step in transforming CMC data into a performance-driving resource.
Impactful ways CMC leaders are modernizing their approach to embedding data best practices in their programs.

Session Speakers

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Yash Sabharwal

President & CEO, QbDVision

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See what’s shaping the digital future of CMC.

Anywhere from .25 to 10 petabytes of data: that’s how much data a single manufacturing facility could generate annually… in 2018

Every year since then, tsunamis of information have continued to sweep scientific industries like ours, growing in speed and volume by the day. Awash in more data than ever, drug developers face a choice: let it keep pouring into the typical lakes and drown any insights or opportunities it may hold, or rethink how they capture it and seize the opportunity to harness its power. 

For more and more CMC programs, the answer is clear – and the search is on for effective, impactful ways to put data at the heart of their operations. The challenge now: how do they help that transformation take effect in real, CQA-level ways?

Yash Sabharwal opened Day Two of the 2022 Digital CMC Summit with a closer look at why drug developers are under pressure to modernize their data management methods – and the game-changing benefits of doing so. Stream his talk to learn more about: 

  • How the CMC tech stack is racing to catch up with a massive surge in the volume and complexity of drug development data
  • Why the secret is structure: systematically consolidating, organizing, and linking data to reveal patterns, trace causality, and generate new insights
  • How structuring CMC data can significantly enhance the quality, efficiency, and consistency of CMC outputs


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