The Age of Digital Technology Transfer Has Begun 

The structured framework of QbDVision has significant ramifications for the document-based tech transfer paradigm. Now we can go digital.

Digital Tech Transfer For All

The management of tech transfer is document-heavy, requiring extended time and significant resources to find, assess, and transfer the appropriate information from one organization to another. 


QbDVision provides an efficient path to digital automation and compliance, and this includes tech transfer. Our structured framework allows for the detailed tracking of your product and process, from requirements to risk to control methods and strategies. 


Once an existing process is ready to begin a transfer, you can begin tracking the process at the new site in tandem with the sending site with the click of a button. 


Want to visualize and risk assess the differences between the two?  Use our tech transfer management module to generate comparison reports on-demand.


The Benefits


Multiple Process Management

Track multiple processes for different sites, scales, and locations within a single project. Create one and quickly copy to manage the next site.

Ditch the Documents - Go Digital

Is your tech transfer really more of a file transfer? QbDVision keeps the information in the cloud so it can easily be shared across sites.

Tech Transfer Risk Assessments ​

Setting up a new site with the process you developed at your site is a complicated endeavor. We simplify the analysis of risk by allowing each element of the process to be separately assessed for risk.

Tech Transfer Collaborations

As a cloud-based platform, multiple teams from both sites can collaborate to assess and edit information in real time. 

Instantaneous Gap Analysis

The biggest challenge is identifying and tracking the process differences between the sites.  QbDVision makes this easy, with on-demand comparison reports for materials, equipment, and process parameters.


Technology transfer activities focus heavily on the transfer of information between sites because there is no structured framework to enable the sharing of technical information instead of transfer....until now.  QbDVision is a comprehensive solution where manufacturing processes can be defined and tracked in exquisite detail and then easily copied to establish the baseline for another manufacturing site.  That baseline can be further modified based on the capabilities of the new site.  Instead of physically transferring information, users from the new site can just login to the same account to see the history of the process development and share information between the sites.  How cool is that? 

Sharing is Caring


Technology transfer is fraught with risk because of the complexity of pharma/biotech manufacturing processes and the additional regulatory burden. Are you still doing these risk assessments in spreadsheets?  Since QbDVision has done away with spreadsheet-based risk assessment for CQAs, CPPs, and CMAs, we can also do away with spreadsheet-based risk assessment for tech transfer.  Now transfer risk assessments are integrated into the process management activities within QbDVision.  Each attribute and parameter can be separately assessed for risk right within QbDVision and these FMEA-style risk assessments can be easily visualized with our on-demand comparison reports. Looks like you will be able to hit the beach after all instead of working all weekend.  

Tech Transfer Risk

Spreadsheet-based collaboration is a nightmare.  It is especially bad with tech transfer activities because of the scale of information being transferred and the urgency of the activities.  Let's be honest, when was a program on schedule so you could take your time with tech transfer?  It's kind of like fighting a fire with a garden hose.  QbDVision comes to the rescue again with our on-demand comparison reports.  Pick a sending site and a receiving site, select the type of report you want, and, instantaneously, you see an interactive report tracking all changes between both processes, displaying the current risk assessment, and allowing for more detailed comparisons as desired.  It is a sight to behold and may bring tears of joy. 

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