QbDVision Essentials to Simplify Quality Management

Tired of expensive and complex quality management systems? QbDVision Essentials re-thinks the user experience for quality & regulatory compliance

The Solution for Growing Companies

Are you stuck with a paper-based QMS because traditional EQMS is too expensive and resource-intensive? It doesn’t have to be....


QbDVision® is a unique software solution created by industry veterans to build an efficient path to digital automation and compliance. This unique platform integrates quality management with product lifecycle management (PLM). For companies at the beginning of their EQMS journey, the QbDVision Essentials package delivers the basics of a validated EQMS system, including initial PLM functionality, at an affordable price with streamlined training and implementation. 

The Benefits

Electronic Document Management (EDM)​

21 CFR 11 compliant document management with electronic routing and signature, searchable database, and bulk uploads.

Training Management​

User profiles are automatically integrated with individual training plans, curricula, and documents for seamless training and tracking.

Supplier Management ​

Build your GMP supplier database with audit tracking, qualification management, and risk assessments all included.

Risk Management

21 CFR 11 compliant document management with electronic routing and signature, searchable database, and bulk uploads.

Early Product Lifecycle Management

Get started on the PLM train with the management of patient and product requirements using a TPP and QTPP.

Electronic document management (EDM) does not have to be complicated.  Unlike traditional EQMS systems, QbDVision integrates EDM workflows with user and training management. Users can manage, track, and sign documents electronically in compliance with 21 CFR 11.  In addition, documents can be efficiently reviewed within QbDVision before approval. Native files are easily attached with each approved PDF so they are readily available for the next revision.  Documents are tagged with the relevant regulatory documents and sections for future reports.  

Keeping EDM Simple

One of the biggest challenges of quality compliance is to meet the cGMP requirements for employee training (21 CFR 211.25). Many companies end up routing training documents and forms via email and tracking training via spreadsheets. QbDVision integrates user profiles, training plans, training curricula, and training assignment into one pre-validated solution. Instantly bring your training program into compliance with automated tracking tools, training reminders, and on-demand reports. QbDVision’s integrated and seamless experience also comes at a fraction of the cost of standard EQMS solutions. 

Training Integration

Supplier management is another key challenge for many companies, even those with EQMS systems. QbDVision Essentials integrates its supplier management module with document/training management and basic PLM functionality, all for the same low cost. Our supplier module allows for the tracking of audit and qualification activities, tracking of supplier and quality agreements, and it includes supplier risk assessment tools.  Supplier qualifications  can be routed and approved electronically within QbDVision, and on-demand reports such as Approved Supplier Lists are easily generated. 

Supplier Management

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