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The QbDVision project was started by two serial entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality experts. Our mission is to provide software solutions for the simple application of quality-by-design principles to the development of therapeutics and medical devices reducing development time and reducing the risk of encountering a systemic failure later in the development life cycle.  

Management Team

Yash Sabharwal

Yash Sabharwal is an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur, and executive specializing in the funding and growth of early stage technology companies focused on life science applications.

After completing his Ph.D. in Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, Yash co-founded Optical Insights, a company focused on the commercialization of imaging platforms and analytical software for fluorescence microscopy, medical imaging and drug discovery applications. He also served as CFO of the company where he successfully negotiated the sale of the company to Roper Industries in 2005.


In 2011, Yash co-founded his second startup, Xeris Pharmaceuticals  and served as their COO/CFO.  His primary responsibilities included oversight of drug development and manufacturing operations including implementation of Quality-By-Design methodologies, supply chain management, quality system implementation.  As a key member of the founding management team, Yash helped Xeris raised over $75M in private and non-dilutive funding rounds including numerous SBIR awards from NIH. 

As Chief Operating Officer at Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Yash realized he had a problem. He wanted to manage the development of the drug manufacturing process for their lead product using a quality-by-design framework.  But, there weren't any integrated software tools available to specifically do this.  Yash left Xeris in 2016 to start CherryCircle Software and the QbDVision project.

Ryan Shillington

Ryan Shillington is a seasoned CTO with decades of experience in software development, process refinement, architecture, and quality control. He is a master wizard with technology - especially anything Java / SAAS. There's very little about building software applications that he doesn't understand at every layer. He has been building software professionally for over 20 years and his software has been used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 80 countries.  Ryan graduated from the University of Waterloo with Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and IT and he has considerable expertise in Java/SAAS, hardware, databases, networks, app servers, HTML.  His career highlights include:

• Serving as Chief Architect for Trilogy managing a team of architects responsible for the technical direction of the companies products.  Ryan also oversaw the conversion of 3 data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

• Serving as CTO of Oventio (purchased by Redbooks) where he owned the architected, designed and built several web portals and SAS products.

• Serving as a Development & QA Manager at IBM managing a team of 17 developers in the US and India. 

Malia Lewin
Chief Business Officer

An attorney by training, Malia Lewin, has over 18 years of experience in the life sciences industry as a lobbyist, public policy strategist, crisis manager, business strategist, and most recently a technology strategy expert. As our Chief Business Officer (CBO), she will oversee business development and strategic partnerships.

Prior to joining CherryCircle in February, Malia was Director of Global Oncology Strategy at Veeva Systems, Inc. where she was responsible for helping Veeva design, develop, and launch software products to support industry trends and the wide variety of business objectives in the oncology bio-pharmaceutical space. In this role, Malia also worked closely with customers on product selections, configurations, and integrations to support specific markets, products, indications, and teams. Prior to joining Veeva, Malia spent seven years as Vice President of Client Services & Head of Strategic Operations for Rivermark, LLC (now an IQVIA Company). During her tenure with Rivermark, Malia led strategic consulting teams in guiding biopharmaceutical companies on the development, launch, and adoption acceleration of life sciences innovations with a focus on oncology and rare diseases. In the more distant past, Malia served as CEO of an industry-funded non-profit and as a member of a think tank designed to help a large hospital system create technology products for patients difficult to reach via the traditional healthcare infrastructure. 

Luke Guerrero
Chief Operating Officer

Luke is an experienced technology leader with a focus on growing teams, developing software products, and managing business operations. As a member of our management team, he will lead operations, marketing, and product management. He brings a depth of experience, methods, and excitement from outside industries into life sciences. 

Prior to joining the team, Luke was responsible for technology development and management at Brand Networks, overseeing product management, engineering and IT. In his six-year tenure at Brand Networks, he developed and grew key practices of the business including media and professional services, project management, and partner engineering. Prior to Brand Networks, he spent six years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the company’s CIO Advisory consulting unit. There he was responsible for deploying technology and business strategies within the financial services industry across both North America and Asia.


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